A Look at How Different Governments Have Approached the Covid-19 Pandemic

People are aware of the devastating effect of the covid-19 Pandemic. India has encountered more covid-19 cases in the past eight days than any part of the world. It’s not a surprise anymore to the people of India and around the world that the death toll is higher than the actual official numbers.

Indian authority faced a perplexing situation with the outcome of the decision made on social distancing and lockdown. India was struck not only on the economy, but the death tolls turned out to be a shocking one. However, the environment improved all over the country.

Brief Introduction on the Covid-19 Virus

The first reported case of covid-19 was from Wuhan, China, in late 2019. Wuhan market is known for selling wildlife animals and also endangered animals. World Health Organization declared an eruption of the Covid-19 on January 30, 2020. The root cause behind the Covid-19 is the virus called SARS-CoV-2(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2).

With over 1.3 billion and the second-largest globally after China, India concentrates on the rural-based. It is also gravely suffering from COVID-19. Vast numbers of the population died not from the Covid-19 virus but due to lack of unemployment, loss of jobs, business shutdown, and mental collapse.  

Highlights on Different Government Approaches 

Patient with Covid-19 virus suffers from cough, fatigue, sore throat, struggling to breathe, fever. Thus, differentiating this deadly disease from chronic respiratory infections is painfully challenging. 

No successful anti-viral and vaccine were available last year, but India’s death toll was comparatively less than 2021. India’s death rates increase drastically even after the vaccine was available. As Reported, the covid-19 spread like wildfire after the religious gathering at Kumbh Mela at Haridwar, 2021. European Countries and the United States of America tackle the covid-19 maturely and efficiently post 2020. 

The total number of death tolls in the world is 35,11,931 as of May 26, 2021. India accounts for 3,15000 death tolls out of the complete counts and stands at the third-highest death rates. USA casualties stand at the top of 5,92,000, and Brazil stands at the second most death rate in the world with several 4,54000. 

As soon as the first report wave of covid-19 came up, the Government from all over the world instructed basic guidelines. Regular washing of hands using hand sanitizer, which is alcohol-based or liquid soap, avoids touching eyes, nose, and nose mouth, maintaining social distancing. 

To impede the spread, the Government all over the world closed down physical classes to online teaching. Public spaces like swimming pools, sports stadiums, parks, theatres, auditoriums, cinema halls, museums, libraries are closed. Restricted religious gatherings, funerals, and marriages were from 20 to 50 people or 30 percent capacity of the place.

Most countries have strict regulations to fly across other countries to stop the spread of the virus. All the governments across India have put strict laws on the entry and exit road routes after the second wave hit India. 

Indian Government started Covid-19 vaccinations to all above 18 years and above on May 1. As reported, there is a shortage of vaccines for a population like India. Uttarakhand government faced heavy criticism from across the world for permitting Hindu religious festivals Kumbh Mela amidst sharply worsening covid-19 cases. Post Kumbh Mela saw hospitals shortage of beds, drugs, oxygen. Short of oxygen cylinders at the hospitals open opportunities to the black market resulted in paying four times the actual amount of the oxygen cylinder. 

The nation to tackle the covid-19 virus most effectively is Israel. Israel vaccinated almost the entire population and made it a mask-free country. 

As reported, Serum Institute of India Ltd. And Bharat Biotech Ltd are manufacturing two vaccines such as Oxford and AstraZeneca’s Covishield. India also urges assistance from Russia for Sputnik 5. 

India also invites vaccines such as Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson for an emergency.